InternHackATX is a summer hackathon in Austin, TX put on by HomeAway. We are bringing together interns from across Austin to hack travel with us at our Domain office.

The event will take place from July 14th through July 16th and feature an introduction from our President, John Kim, as well as presentations from interns across our organization. Come hack the weekend away with us and enjoy great food all three days to help feed your creative spirit and interact with HomeAway engineers, product managers and designers who will be on hand to help mentor teams. As an added bonus, one of our Product Managers will present on how to plan and create that perfect pitch. 

Event Schedule:

July 14th - 6-9PM

6 - 7PM Registration/Check-In/T-Shirt Pick Up (Limited Edition)/Dinner Served

7 - 7:30PM Introduction by HomeAway President John Kim

7:30 - 8PM HomeAway Intern Presentations

8 - 9PM Team Pitches/Team Formation


July 15th - 9AM - 9PM ***(Building will close at 9PM for the evening.)

9 - 11AM - Breakfast/Hacking/HomeAway Mentors Available

  • 9 - 10 AM - Good Morning Yoga - Black Swan Yoga will be holding a Yoga class for all levels to help get you ready for a day of awesome hacking!

11 - 12PM - PRESENTATION - How to Make Your BEST Pitch Presentation - Dan Driscoll, Product Manager with HomeAway (He's also one of the judges, hint hint :) ) (Lunch Arrives)

12 - 2PM - Special Guest Mentors: Dan Driscoll and Aril Ely, Program Manager from HomeAway University

2 - 5:30PM - Hacking/HomeAway Mentors Available

5:30 - 9PM - Dinner/Evening hacking/HomeAway Mentors Available


July 16th 9 AM - 4PM

9 AM - Project Submittal Deadline (Breakfast Arrives)

9 AM - 10 AM - Booth/Presentation Set Up

10:30 : Must be at your booth/present and ready to present

10:30 - 11:30 AM - Project Presentations/Judging

11:30 AM - 12 PM - Judges Deliberate/Choose Finalists

12PM - 1PM - Lunch

1 - 1:30 PM Final Pitches

1:30 - 2PM Judging

2PM - 3PM Winners Announced, Prizes Awarded

3 - 4PM Celebration and Closing


Things to Keep in Mind:

- We will have mentors onsite throughout the hackathon to help with any questions you have.

- We will serve meals throughout the weekend and will do our best to provide options for gluten free, nut free and vegan particpants.

Communication at the Event: We will have mentors on hand to ask questions of and will also have a slack team set up to ask questions of the group as a whole. Details of how to engage with the slack team will be presented at the event.

We look forward to having you join us for this first of it's kind event at HomeAway!


- You must be currently enrolled in an Undergraduate, Master's or PhD program.

- You must currently be an intern or student graduating between May 2017 to May 2021.

- Maximum team size is 5 people. Any number up to 5 members will be allowed.

- You must be present by 10 AM CST, July 16th at the HomeAway Domain office to be considered for prizes.


Please submit your project through this DevPost site. All entries must be submitted by 9 AM on July 16th to be considered.

You must be in person by 10 AM CST at the HomeAway Domain office in order to be considered for prizes. Entries must include the following:

- Submission Type 1: Source Code (if applicable), Slide & Video Presentation

- Submission Type 2: Slide & Video Presentation 

Video Presentation Format: Video presentation should include introduction of team, explanation of idea and demo if applicable.

Hackathon Sponsors


$2,250 in prizes

1st Place (5)

Each team member will receive a $200 Gift Card, one per team member, up to 5 team members.

2nd Place (5)

Each team member will receive a $100 Gift Card, one per team member, up to 5 team members.

3rd Place (5)

Each team member will receive a $50 Gift Card, one per team member, up to 5 team members.

MVP Prize (14)

Every participant will nominate an MVP from their team by submitting a brief write up on why this person deserves to be the MVP. Each team MVP will receive the MVP prize of $25 Gift Card. Limit 1 per team.

MVP of MVP's

You think YOUR MVP is the MOST VALUABLE. Prove it. When nominating your MVP tell why you think your team's MVP is the best. Did they make a contribution outside of your team? How did they go above and WAY beyond. The MVP with the mostest will win a $100 Gift Card for their awesomeness. So go ahead, take your team out for dinner, heck they voted you here!

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

We are excited to be launching this inaugural intern/student only hackathon here at HomeAway. Participation will require that you are in person at the HomeAway office at The Domain in Austin, TX by 9 AM on July 16th to represent and present your project for judging. 


Let's Hack Travel - The Problem Statement:

One of the biggest challenges any online travel platform faces, especially in the vacation rental space, is monthly active or even daily active users. How can travel booking companies such as HomeAway and Expedia increase user engagement frequency?

Feel free to tackle this or any other problem that you think should be solved, related to travel or not!

API Info:



Emily Bartha

Emily Bartha
Data Scientist

Kellie Meredith

Kellie Meredith
Software Engineering Intern

Manny Pamintuan

Manny Pamintuan
Software Engineer

Colin Grigson

Colin Grigson
Director, Experience Design

Joie Chung

Joie Chung
Experience Designer

Judging Criteria

  • Size of Problem Addressed
    Weight: 20%; Size of Problem Addressed - Is this a billion-dollar problem? If yes, it's a 10, Max Score. If
  • Creativity
    Weight: 10%; Creativity - How original is this solution?
  • Technical Difficulty
    Weight: 20%; Technical Difficulty - How big of a technical stretch was this endeavor to achieve within the time constraints? Is this a technical achievement that only a few people could achieve?
  • Usability
    Weight: 20%; Usability - How well is the product designed, given the time constraints?
  • Technical Achievement
    Weight: 20%; Technical Achievement - What percentage of the technical attempt was actually achieved over during the hackathon?
  • Presentation
    Weight: 10% = Presentation - How well did the team present the problem, its solution and the logical next steps to keep going after the hackathon?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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